Executive Roundtables

  • Tired of running your company alone?

    It’s a stressful job being the boss. And it’s hard being objective and discussing all your important business issues with managers, employees, friends and family. These roundtable groups are designed to allow each member to share their problems, issues or challenges, and then ask for advice and get candid input. By being open, each member can get to the heart of their business problem and be open to new ideas, unbiased advice and change direct honest feedback and develop action plans you can implement now to build your business.

    Peer Groups Build Accountability & Trusted Relationships!

    You need a trusted group of advisors, like a personal Board Of Directors who’ll help you make the right decisions on how to grow your business. 

    Take Time To Plan and Make Better Decisions!

    By becoming a member of an Executive Roundtable Group, you’ll get together with a group of business owners and principals from 8 to 12 other companies in the construction industry for peer-to-peer accountability, support and direction. Members participate in 3 two-day meetings every year. 

    George Hedley is now forming Executive Roundtable Groups comprised of construction industry business owners who meet three times a year and...

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